Filipe Monteiro of Connecticut: Three Facts About Masonry

Filipe Monteiro established Monteiro’s Masonry Construction LLC in 2006. He had moved to the United States when he was only twenty-two years old and worked odd jobs in Connecticut. He spent a few years gaining experience in masonry and construction before he opened his own company. He cares about his employees as well as his customers and is dedicated to providing the best services. If you are interested in masonry, there are a few facts that you may need to know.

Masonry involves building structures using materials such as stone, brick, cob and more. Masons may build walls or entire structures. These professionals can work with a wide range of materials and can either run a project, or play a small role in a large construction project. If you are interested in learning a specialized craft, you may consider becoming a mason.

If you want to work as a mason, you may need to spend a few years studying. Masonry is a craft, and requires special training. Aspiring masons can become apprentices and learn from experienced professionals.

Masonry specifically refers to using mortar to create a structure out of individual units. This craft has existed for centuries. Brick and stone buildings were all created by masons. Trained masons are able to create brick veneers as well as entire structures.

If you want to become a craftsman, you may consider studying masonry. Filipe Monteiro chose to become a mason in Connecticut. He created his own company and takes on projects no matter how large or small they are.



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