Filipe Monteiro of Connecticut: Do You Want to Become a Mason?

Filipe Monteiro owns and operates a construction firm in Connecticut. He opened Monteiro’s Masonry Construction LLC in 2006 and has served many clients. His company serves Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey and he takes on a wide array of projects. Filipe Monteiro cares about materials, patterns, and workmanship. He worked hard to become a business owner as well as a mason. If you are interested in learning this craft, there are a few steps that you may need to take.

The first step in becoming a mason is to gain construction experience. You can work for a construction or handyman company in order to learn how to interact with clients, procure materials, and complete a job. Working in this industry could help you develop the knowledge you need to become a skilled mason.

6.	Filipe Monteiro of Connecticut: Do You Want to Become a Mason?

The next step is to learn about masonry. The craft involves using mortar and multiple blocks of a material to create a wall or structure. Some common materials include brick, stone, concrete, travertine, and limestone. Masons are able to create patterns while building a durable structure.

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Once you have background knowledge and technical skill, you can become an apprentice of an experienced mason. An apprenticeship can help you learn the finer points of masonry. You may have the opportunity to meet other skilled professionals in your field as well. Filipe Monteiro spent some time building his experience and then established his own masonry company. He is a skilled mason and business owner who lives in Milford, Connecticut.

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