Filipe Monteiro of Connecticut: How to Become a Real Estate Investor

In 2010, Filipe Monteiro started a second career as a real estate investor in Connecticut. He owns a construction firm as well and has spent years developing his career. He took a chance in 2002 and started his own business. Since then he has experienced success in his career. If you are interested in becoming a real estate investor as well, there are a few steps that you can take to start your career.

The first step is to develop a knowledge of the real estate market. Each state and city has a different real estate climate. If you want to start investing in real estate, it may be beneficial to analyze the local market. You may need to spend some time working in real estate as well. You can gain experience by working in construction or as a real estate agent.

Filipe Monteiro of Connecticut: How to Become a Real Estate Investor

The next step is to network within your industry. A wide professional network can help you learn about investment opportunities. You can network by attending conferences and events. You can keep in touch with your co-workers and colleagues as well.

Once you have all of the information and experience you need, you can make your first investment. Some real estate investors purchase properties and then either resell them or rent them out. Others may join a real estate investment group. Filipe Monteiro chose to become a real estate investor after gaining years of experience in construction and masonry. He works in Connecticut and always looks forward to coming across new opportunities.



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