Filipe Monteiro of Connecticut- A Successful Entrepreneur

Filipe Monteiro of Connecticut is a man who knows how to achieve goals. Originally from Portugal, he grew up as an active child and joined the Portuguese army at sixteen years old. After boot camp, he was put on a special project that allowed him to help a number of different communities around the country. However, by his early twenties, Monteiro had moved to the Unites States.

Filipe Monteiro of Connecticut- A successful Entrepreneur
“At 22 moved to United States did a lot of odd jobs,” said Monteiro. “When having dinner with my best friend he told me that it might be fun to became self-employed.” Although Monteiro had no experience running a business and was still learning the language, he didn’t let those obstacles stop him. He began working with a local builder and studying English. By learning the appropriate skills and working hard, Monteiro’s dream of becoming self-employed came true.

Today, Monteiro is the founder and operator of Monteiro’s Masonry Construction LLC. For over a decade his company has offered building, masonry and construction services to clients in the tristate area. With a focus on both commercial and residential jobs, Monteiro still keeps a tight watch over company operations. “I have a supervisor to assist my workers with construction and I oversee all projects.”
Although his work as an entrepreneur keeps Monteiro busy, it has certainly paid off. He spends his free time at a house by the beach and is involved with real estate investments in the Bridgeport area. Filipe Monteiro of Connecticut lives in Milford with his dog Brooklyn.


Filipe Monteiro of Connecticut- A Small Business Owner Living the American Dream

Filipe Monteiro of Connecticut is a small business owner living the American dream. Originally from Portugal, Monteiro now resides in Connecticut where he operates a company called Monteiro’s Masonry Construction. A registered builder servicing the tristate area, Monteiro created the company in his twenties and has been working with clients ever since.

Filipe Monteiro of Connecticut: Living the American Dream

As a young man in Portugal, Filipe Monteiro was always active, physical and good with his hands. During childhood, says Monteiro, he was interested in “volleyball, hiking, soccer, fishing, trapshooting, running, eating and dance.” By the age of sixteen he was ready for an additional challenge. Monteiro entered the Portuguese army. He enjoyed the army because it allowed him to volunteer his time in different communities where he was serving. “Along the way,” says Monteiro, “I was designated to a special project that helped reestablish communities.”

By his early twenties, Monteiro was living in the United States. After a series of odd jobs, he created Monteiro’s Masonry Construction. Satisfying his appreciation of physical work and utilizing his knowledge in the building industry, the company was able to flourish. Monteiro has operated the company for over a decade.

Filipe Monteiro of Connecticut can be found working on building projects big and small throughout the tristate area. His hard work has certainly paid off. Monteiro lives in Milford and has real estate holdings in the Bridgeport area.